Modern kitchen

How to Choose a Refrigerator

  Need a new fridge? Consider exterior and interior size, style and finishes, and energy usage. Know what refrigerator type best fits your household needs and habits. So, you’re thinking about purchasing a new refrigerator and you don’t know where to start. With all the choices on the market today, choosing a new refrigerator can […]


Smoke Detector Tips

Replace batteries twice a year. If you choose the times that you have to change the clocks, you won’t forget. Make it a family affair so the kids will remember how important the smoke detectors are. Make sure that your smoke detector is still in working order. Some need to be replaced every 7 to […]

Clean living room

7 Places You Keep Missing When You Clean That Everyone Notices

You’re immune to the dirtiest places in your home. But your guests aren’t. Here’s what to do. Admit it: It’s easy to get a little “Judge Judy” inside someone else’s home. We notice gunk on the floor, cobwebs in the corners, and dust on the overhead fan. But guess what? Unless you’re Adrian Monk, you’ve […]


Ask a Designer: How Do I Decorate a Room With High Ceilings?

Every week, we’re asking designer Scot Meacham Wood, formerly of Ralph Lauren and now owner of his eponymous design firm, a question from our readers. This week’s topic is all about decorating a room with high ceilings. Have a decorating dilemma? Comment below and yours might be featured in a future installment. Q: What are […]

water spray

Say No to Fumes in Your House

Wipe out the chemical odors that can trigger allergies and asthma. You bring home a brand-new shower curtain and your eyes burn for the next few weeks. The new carpeting looks great, but nobody can stand being in the room. One important strategy for controlling allergies and asthma — aside from controlling your exposure to […]

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5 Tips for Controlling Dust Mites

These bedbugs are a leading cause of allergies and asthma. Here’s how to fight back. Found in nearly all homes, dust mites like warm, moist areas – such as your bed. Experts estimate that up to 2,000 of these microscopic cousins to spiders can live in just one ounce of mattress dust. And that could […]

Spacious room

Unique Housewarming Gifts They’ll Love

If you’ve ever had to shop for a gift for someone, you know how difficult it can be unless you have a sort of natural knack for gifting. Even that instinct might fail you in the case of a housewarming, an event fraught with both traditional and modern considerations. In this instance, it’s good to […]

Farmhouse kitchen

6 Ways to Incorporate the Farmhouse Style in Your Kitchen

Farmhouse-style kitchens have long been popular, borrowing from styles that go back to the 19th century. Their simple beauty and functionality make them a great choice for busy families all over the world. Your farmhouse kitchen can be French- or Tuscan-inspired, or it can trend more toward an American prairie feel. From classy to rustic, […]

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Tips for decorating your home this holiday season

  The end-of-year holiday season starts with Thanksgiving. As we gather to feast and celebrate the blessings we have enjoyed in the past year. But it doesn’t stop there. We savor the season in a variety of ways, from Thanksgiving right through the end of the year and into the beginning of the next. Lake […]

Exterior Design

Exterior Design Trends to Watch as 2017 Approaches

  Architecture, like any visual, design-centered element, has trends. Some themes resurface after a few years (such as the revival of mid-century modern), while other stylistic additions recede as improvements hit the market. We also see elements of design that reflect larger social movements such as ecological preservation and renewable resources. Take for instance solar […]