Unique Housewarming Gifts They’ll Love

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If you’ve ever had to shop for a gift for someone, you know how difficult it can be unless you have a sort of natural knack for gifting. Even that instinct might fail you in the case of a housewarming, an event fraught with both traditional and modern considerations. In this instance, it’s good to have a backup plan, so we have drawn up this list of interesting, unique and generally amazing housewarming gift ideas.

Fruit-of-the-Month Club

A fruit-of-the-month club may sound like a strange suggestion for a housewarming gift, but it’s actually rather ingenious. It is very traditional in that a gift of food is pretty standard for housewarmings; however, getting a box of exotic fresh fruit every month is much more exciting than, say, a simple onetime fruit basket stuffed with what you could find at the supermarket, not to mention more modern. A healthy and tasteful gift that literally keeps on giving for an entire year (or at least several months, depending on what you pay for), is practically perfect for a housewarming gift!

A Painting of Their New Home

This very personal gift is the perfect alternative to the more traditional picture frame. If you’re of a particularly artistic bent, you could paint it yourself and make it even more personal! But for those of us who can barely hold a paintbrush, finding a local artist who takes commissions is never difficult, and the gift will still have that personal touch that will make it a sentimental memory in the lucky new homeowners’ lives for years to come.

A Coupon for Moving or Cleaning Help

Yes, some moving companies actually let you buy gift certificates. See if the local firm your friends or relations are planning to use does so. Maybe they’re doing the move themselves, at least for precious items that they don’t want to trust to movers. In that case, U-Haul lets you buy gift certificates right on its website. Also, you can arrange a gift of a cleaning service.

Monthly Flower Delivery

What better way to liven up a new home than with vibrant and beautiful flowers, with fresh ones arriving every month? With the vast variety of flowers available, and the beauty they can add to a home, a monthly flower delivery could be a very thoughtful gift for the new homeowner, particularly if they have a green thumb that has yet to be taken advantage of.

A Tool Kit

While more traditional than most of the other ideas on this list, it is the most useful and often the most forgotten gift option. You can personalize it with your own artistic touches and everything, but a house needs tools, especially when there’s furniture to be set up and pictures hung, making the humble tool kit a real candidate for MVP of the housewarming gifts.

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