How to deep clean your house in Dubai

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A deep clean is one of those things many homeowners dream of carrying out on their property but rarely find the time. However, the benefits of doing so are plentiful, and carrying out this task on a semi-regular basis carries a number of benefits

Firstly, a deep clean means that you can effectively get to the bottom of any issues that have been blighting your home for a while, as well as those that a light dusting or wipe over just will not resolve. Moreover, there are few feelings quite as satisfying as sitting down in a spotless home after putting in some hard work.

But where to begin? The prospect of planning a deep clean may seem daunting, and it can be tricky to figure out where to start, but Domestic Innovations is here to help. Read on for our advice on deep cleaning, as well as a breakdown of a cleaning checklist for each room.

Every little thing helps

Below are some tips that can be followed when cleaning every room in the home.

How to deep clean your house in Dubai 

1. Declutter

Are there items visible in the room that shouldn’t be there? If so, take steps to move it to its rightful place. Clearing any unnecessary clutter makes the deep cleanse much easier.

 2. Window TLC

It may not be everybody’s favourite chore, but the payoff of ensuring windows are spotless is significant. Take time to vacuum the sills and tracks, then spritz the window with cleaner and leave for a moment before sponging it off.

Top tip: Wiping in one direction on inside windows and the other on outside ones means you can easily spot and fix streaks.

 3. Start from the top

It’s much easier to tackle those harder-to-reach surfaces that are higher up first. So, the ceiling, ceiling trim, light fixtures (including bulbs) and walls should be cleaned first. The best tool to use for this is a clean microfibre mop or a duster with a telescopic handle.

 4. Eliminate dust

Wipe over all remaining hard surfaces, such as wooden furniture, shelves, built-in cabinets) using a beeswax-based wood cleaner. Then, use a lint roller on the lampshades.

Top tip: Cover one hand with a clean cotton sock and move objects with the other for a faster approach.

5. Spruce the flooring

Move all furniture, including beds and sofas, to ensure you clean the entire floor effectively. If you have a carpet, consider renting a professional-grade cleaner in order to completely eradicate stains.

6. Hire a professional

When in hurry and no time hire a professional cleaning company who knows the work and can put up an immaculate job. At The econcierge, we have tied up with the best professionals who can help in your deep cleaning and other everyday cleaning tasks plus we are competitively priced. Contact us now!