6 Ways to Incorporate the Farmhouse Style in Your Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse-style kitchens have long been popular, borrowing from styles that go back to the 19th century. Their simple beauty and functionality make them a great choice for busy families all over the world. Your farmhouse kitchen can be French- or Tuscan-inspired, or it can trend more toward an American prairie feel. From classy to rustic, the farmhouse kitchen can be adjusted to suit any style. Read on to learn some of the staples of the farmhouse kitchen.

Pastoral paintings. While it may or may not actually include cows, the artwork found in many farmhouse kitchens includes livestock, peaceful country landscapes or a combination of the two. Even if you live in the middle of a city, a painting of a farmyard can help create the farmhouse impression that you’re going for.

White-painted cabinets. Nothing says farmhouse kitchen like white cabinets with metallic fixtures. One benefit of white cabinetry is that it is simple enough to go with almost anything, which means that intricate handles and hinges or complex molding can be incorporated seamlessly into your kitchen.

Farmhouse sink. One of the defining characteristics of a farmhouse kitchen is a farmhouse sink — defined as being large enough to bathe a baby in. These oversize sinks often have an “apron” that sticks out a bit farther than the edge of the countertop. While you may not actually be giving a baby a bath in your kitchen sink, this extra overhang offers plenty of space for all the cooking and canning that you might aspire to do in a farmhouse.

Countertop display. When storing baking ingredients on your countertops, consider using mason jars or large, glass canisters. This is a functional as well as an aesthetic choice — see-through containers are more practical when you are taking stock of your pantry.

Open shelving. On a similar note, open shelving or cabinets with glass fronts offer a great balance of style and practicality. The visible stacks of clean dishes can help give the illusion that you are ready for company to come over and eat. This is a throwback to the time when nearly all kitchens had open shelving, but this design element can help give your kitchen the historically rustic feel you desire.

Large central island. The farmhouse kitchen is a gathering place for the family, so it would stand to reason that you need plenty of places to sit. An island with a breakfast bar fits that bill perfectly. A large kitchen island also has the added bonus of providing extra counter space on the days when you are cooking large meals or freezing foods for later use.

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