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How Clean Is Your Home?

Where does your family fall on the cleaning spectrum? This quiz will help you assess the sweet spot of “clean-enough” for your home. 1. When dinner is over, what’s the state of the kitchen? A. Pristine, of course. I load the dishwasher as I cook, and dinner dishes are done promptly. I can’t relax if […]

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Single vs Double Basin Kitchen Sinks

A well designed kitchen will allow you to cook and prepare food without hindering you. You shouldn’t have to give moving about and working in the kitchen a second thought. A well designed kitchen will allow you to move effortlessly throughout the space. A well functioning kitchen is the product of making lots of small […]

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Trivia That All Homeowners Should Know

Ever wonder what it takes to run and keep a house? Being a homeowner isn’t exactly rocket science, but it does take a lot of work and a sense of awareness, and there have some things that you have to know about – before home inspections suddenly reveal your house to be full of defects […]

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Allergy-Proof Your Home

6 tips for clearing your indoor air Making your home inhospitable to allergens sounds like a daunting task. In a particulate sense, it’s going to be you against millions of mold spores, dust mites and pollen. Fortunately, you’re smarter than these minute microbes, and following these tips can help you to keep allergies at bay. […]

White shirts

The Secrets to Keeping Your White T-Shirts White

Instead of turning gray and dingy over time. Nothing is more depressing than tossing a brand-new white tee into your closet, only to notice your existing shirts look sad and dark in comparison. Bummer. However, there issomething you can do to prevent this from happening. Follow this laundry advice to maintain your clothing’s crisp color […]

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How to Buy the Right Window or Room Air Conditioner

This expert, unbiased air conditioner buying guide will help you choose the best room or window AC unit. It includes advice on available types and features, and how to size an AC unit. Today’s window and room air conditioners are quiet-operating marvels of design that can do an excellent job of cooling rooms or confined […]

Farmhouse kitchen

6 Ways to Incorporate the Farmhouse Style in Your Kitchen

Farmhouse-style kitchens have long been popular, borrowing from styles that go back to the 19th century. Their simple beauty and functionality make them a great choice for busy families all over the world. Your farmhouse kitchen can be French- or Tuscan-inspired, or it can trend more toward an American prairie feel. From classy to rustic, […]

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Top 7 Maintenance Tips to keep your Gas furnace running

Your gas furnace needs to do you justice and serve you several years before you think about replacement or repair. However they will not take care of themselves unless you begin maintaining them and checking up on them frequently. If it is dirty, you as the user are supposed to know when to clean it […]

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Tips for decorating your home this holiday season

  The end-of-year holiday season starts with Thanksgiving. As we gather to feast and celebrate the blessings we have enjoyed in the past year. But it doesn’t stop there. We savor the season in a variety of ways, from Thanksgiving right through the end of the year and into the beginning of the next. Lake […]

What to do when changing apartments

What to do when changing apartments

When changing apartments, questions about giving notice and the apartment handover naturally arise. Find answers to these questions here. Von Gergina Hristova Depending on the region of Switzerland, the regulations for apartments vary concerning termination periods and dates. The legally proscribed termination notice is a minimum of three months. A common fallacy is that one […]