Holiday items

Indispensable items for your holiday home

A well-equipped home makes for a happy holidaymaker, a stress-free holiday and more chance of a repeat booking, so it’s important to get it right. When you’re kitting out your holiday home ready for the arrival of your guests, put yourself in their shoes, maybe even ‘test drive’ it and enjoy a mini-break in your […]

Maintenance kits

Top 7 Maintenance Tips to keep your Gas furnace running

Your gas furnace needs to do you justice and serve you several years before you think about replacement or repair. However they will not take care of themselves unless you begin maintaining them and checking up on them frequently. If it is dirty, you as the user are supposed to know when to clean it […]

decor items

Tips for decorating your home this holiday season

  The end-of-year holiday season starts with Thanksgiving. As we gather to feast and celebrate the blessings we have enjoyed in the past year. But it doesn’t stop there. We savor the season in a variety of ways, from Thanksgiving right through the end of the year and into the beginning of the next. Lake […]

Cleaning Bathroom Light Fixtures

Cleaning Bathroom Light Fixtures

The light fixtures that you have in your bathroom can give the room a certain look and feel. These fixtures add to the overall style and theme of the room, and in many cases the light fixtures in the bathroom are carefully selected to reflect the way the owner wants the room to feel. When […]