Indispensable items for your holiday home

Holiday items

A well-equipped home makes for a happy holidaymaker, a stress-free holiday and more chance of a repeat booking, so it’s important to get it right.

When you’re kitting out your holiday home ready for the arrival of your guests, put yourself in their shoes, maybe even ‘test drive’ it and enjoy a mini-break in your own home.

If you’re worried about anything going missing, then write an inventory that guests can complete and sign upon arrival and departure.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our top suggestions for turning your holiday home into a home from home:

Twin bed doubler. A common question that we get asked is whether to equip bedrooms with double beds or two single beds. Many owners get around this dilemma by offering both – using a simple device that helps turn two single beds into a comfortable king size bed. Simply putting two single beds together creates an awkward gap but this can be eliminated pretty well using a twin bed doubler.

Fitted sheets. Once you’ve installed the doubler, you’ll need to have king size bedding on hand so that your guests can sleep in comfort. It’s well worth investing in some fitted sheets – it’ll be much easier to make up the bed and they will also help to keep the whole thing pulled tightly together as one bed.

Torches and rechargeable LED lights. Power cuts can add to the atmosphere of a holiday but no-one wants to be stuck not being able to see a thing! To ensure for all eventualities, it’s worth having some emergency lighting at hand for your guests. LED lamps are rechargeable, so you won’t need to buy loads of batteries, and are much safer than conventional candles, especially if there are children about.
First aid kit. Even when on holiday, kids and grown-ups alike can hurt themselves. Put a small first aid kit in the bathroom of your holiday home so that minor scrapes and grazes can be attended to. Even the most thorough of packers may forget the plasters, so it’s certainly a worthwhile investment!
Travel plug adaptors. It’s always a pain when your favourite gadgets won’t work because the plug isn’t compatible with the host country. Plug a few travel adaptors in the sockets around your holiday home abroad and your guests will be sure to thank you! They are a cheap yet effective way of showing that you’ve got the guests’ best interests at heart.
iPod docking station. Your guests might not want to spend every evening out on the town, so invest in an iPod docking station. This will allow your visitors to plug their own players into your stereo and listen to their favourite music.
Universal phone charger. How many times have you arrived at your destination and realise you’ve forgotten your phone charger? A universal phone charger will prove a life-saver for those who need to stay in touch and works with most popular makes of mobile.

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