Smoke Detector Tips

Replace batteries twice a year. If you choose the times that you have to change the clocks, you won’t forget. Make it a family affair so the kids will remember how important the smoke detectors are. Make sure that your smoke detector is still in working order. Some need to be replaced every 7 to […]

Designed family home

A trendy-meets-traditional family home designed for everyday life

Trendy meets traditional in this family home built from scratch. When you’re a designer who specializes in hip eateries, it’s natural to be nervous about designing your first home, especially when it comes to the kitchen. “I definitely felt a lot of pressure because I’m known for my work in the restaurant business,” says Tanya […]

Apartment Handover: Wood work

Apartment Handover: Wood work & floor coverings

All types of woodwork, doors, window frames, curtain boxes, soffits, etc. (painted or stained) should be cleaned thoroughly with soapy water. When you work from top to bottom and with enough dampness, the cleaning goes much smoother and no unattractive streaks will appear. At the end, wipe everything down so it’s dry. Treat stubborn spots […]

Apartment Handover: Windows

Apartment Handover: Windows

With double-glazed windows, unscrew the window panes and thoroughly clean all four surfaces (if heavily soiled possibly multiple times) so that no film or «clouds» are visible. For this purpose you can find good ammonia-based cleaning agents. After cleaning, leave the casings open for one to two hours so that they can dry out well. […]