Apartment Handover: Wood work & floor coverings

Apartment Handover: Wood work

All types of woodwork, doors, window frames, curtain boxes, soffits, etc. (painted or stained) should be cleaned thoroughly with soapy water.

When you work from top to bottom and with enough dampness, the cleaning goes much smoother and no unattractive streaks will appear.

At the end, wipe everything down so it’s dry. Treat stubborn spots and dirt carefully with a stronger cleaning agent.

Floor surfaces

You should have wall-to-wall carpeting and needle felts shampooed by professionals. Using a suction drying machine is presently the best approach. You can rent the necessary equipment at a household goods shop or a «drogerie». Stubborn spots must be removed with special cleaning agents.


For sealed parquet floors, wipe them down with a bit of warm, lightly soapy water or special treatment agent; afterwards dry them down. Make sure to completely remove any residue from carpet tape.

Floor tiles

In kitchens and bathrooms, remove all limescale deposits with a special cleaner. Wipe down floor tiles with a damp cloth.

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