Vinyl flooring

Cleaning Vinyl Floor Tile

To the untrained eye, vinyl floor tile can look like stone, ceramic or wood. The beauty of cleaning vinyl floor tile is that it is much easier. Plus, it’s amazingly durable and much less expensive than real stone, ceramic or wood. Some vinyl tiles can be installed with grout, others don’t have to be. Sweep […]

Ceramic tiles

How to Clean Ceramic Tiles

A new ceramic tile floor. Tile is a durable and beautiful addition to any home, and you should know the proper way to clean it. To keep your ceramic tile floor looking great for years to come, a little maintenance is required. Sweeping: Thoroughly sweeping the floor or vacuuming (use a vacuum without a beater […]

Clean floor

How To Clean And Polish Marble Floors

Tips On Cleaning And Polishing Your Marble Floors In my opinion, marble is one of the most beautiful materials you can ever have incorporated into your home decor – with proper care and maintenance, it will maintain its pristine condition throughout the life of the home. It will always add value both in visual appeal […]