Designed family home

A trendy-meets-traditional family home designed for everyday life

Trendy meets traditional in this family home built from scratch. When you’re a designer who specializes in hip eateries, it’s natural to be nervous about designing your first home, especially when it comes to the kitchen. “I definitely felt a lot of pressure because I’m known for my work in the restaurant business,” says Tanya […]

Clean bathroom

Bathroom Cleaning Done Right (and Fast)

Showerhead Twice a month, scrub the nozzle with a grout brush and an all-purpose cleaner (like Bon Ami powder cleanser), then wipe with a sponge. Every three months, pour enough white vinegar to cover the nozzle in a plastic bag, then secure it to the showerhead with a rubber band. Let it soak for a […]

Cleaning kit

Cleaning Secrets for the Entire Home

Home cleaning experts share their best hacks and tips for tidying up your kitchen, bathroom and more. A clean home can seem like an unattainable goal, especially when life gets busy and schedules are complicated. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and before you know it, dust, dirt and grime build-up and over time lead to […]

Clean bathroom

Bathroom Cleaning Secrets From the Pros

Try this expert advice from hotel managers on keeping bathrooms clean. Whether cozy, sleek or luxurious, hotel baths are the perfect getaway. Now you can transform your bathroom into just such an escape. At Inn-spired Bathrooms, you’ll tour six hotel-inspired baths, garner simple ideas for getting the look you want and learn the cleaning secrets […]

Christmas gifts

Essential equipment checklist

Your holiday home may be kitted out with all mod cons, but don’t forget the basics. Make sure your guests stay in the holiday spirit: they don’t want to have to take time out from their stay to top up household supplies. Regularly ‘stock take’ and replenish supplies as necessary. Try and gauge from your […]