Smoke Detector Tips

Replace batteries twice a year. If you choose the times that you have to change the clocks, you won’t forget. Make it a family affair so the kids will remember how important the smoke detectors are. Make sure that your smoke detector is still in working order. Some need to be replaced every 7 to […]

Cleaning kit

How to Clean an Oven Using Homemade Tricks

Skip those caustic chemicals and get your oven sparkling with these natural, homemade cleaning tricks Aluminum Foil Are you baking a bubbly lasagna or casserole? Keep messy drips off the bottom of the oven by laying a sheet or two of aluminum foil over the rack below. Do not line the bottom of the oven […]

Living room

9 Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time full of food, family get-togethers and traditions, but the holidays can also pose many safety concerns, so it’s best to be cautious. From lighting candles to hanging Christmas lights, there are plenty of safety hazards that can occur during the holidays. Let’s take a look at nine home safety […]

What to do when changing apartments

What to do when changing apartments

When changing apartments, questions about giving notice and the apartment handover naturally arise. Find answers to these questions here. Von Gergina Hristova Depending on the region of Switzerland, the regulations for apartments vary concerning termination periods and dates. The legally proscribed termination notice is a minimum of three months. A common fallacy is that one […]

Apartment Handover: Windows

Apartment Handover: Windows

With double-glazed windows, unscrew the window panes and thoroughly clean all four surfaces (if heavily soiled possibly multiple times) so that no film or «clouds» are visible. For this purpose you can find good ammonia-based cleaning agents. After cleaning, leave the casings open for one to two hours so that they can dry out well. […]