Apartment Handover: Kitchen & Bathroom

Apartment Handover: Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchen & bathroom

Be sure to pay special attention when cleaning the kitchen.

Cupboards and drawers

Thoroughly clean kitchen cupboards and wipe them dry. Remove any contact paper. Replace any defective latches and hinges.

Remove the drawers so you can clean the backs and sides as well as the guide rails. Don’t forget door handles and knobs.


Thoroughly clean and polish all chrome-plated surfaces and trim. When faced with stubborn, burnt-in spots, get a special cleaning liquid (available from a household goods store or a «drogerie»), apply it and let it soak in.

In case burnt-in spots can’t be removed completely, enlist the aid of a cleaning company with access to special cleaning materials.

Thoroughly clean the cooktop hobs. Afterwards apply a special treatment to the hobs. In the event a cooktop hob has been «burned up» it should be replaced.


If you can’t get baking sheets, oven racks, etc. clean, then replace them. Place the instruction manual inside the oven.


Thaw out the refrigerator/freezer, then thoroughly clean the racks, containers, etc. with soapy water and dry them off. Leave the door open for ventilation. Watch out – turn off the unit before you clean it!

Thoroughly clean the ventilation grille. If the rubber gaskets aren’t in good working order, have them replaced. Place the instruction manual inside the refrigerator.

Exhaust fan

Clean or replace the grease filter (possibly also the activated carbon filter). You might be able to get both of these from the building caretaker.


Thoroughly clean the coarse and fine strainers, plastic baskets and cutlery basket, door frame seams and rubber gaskets and also dry down the insides. Replace any defective parts. Place the instruction manual inside the unit.

Thoroughly clean light switches and electric outlets. Watch out – only use a lightly damp cloth!


Clean the bathtub, shower basin and washbasin using only mild soapy water. Clean the washbasin trap. In the case of limescale build-ups, wipe them first with cleaning vinegar and afterwards polish them. Thoroughly clean mirrored cabinets with soapy water. Clean the mirrors.

Water taps and hoses

Thoroughly clean the water taps. Apply special cleaning agent (available from a household goods store or a «drogerie») to spots with limescale build-up and immediately neutralise them with water (be careful – strong acids! Don’t let a single drop fall into the tub or washbasin, and wear protective gloves). Screw off the nozzles and remove any scale build-up.

Clean the shower hose thoroughly with soapy water, remove scale build-up from the shower head. Replace any defective parts.

Likewise remove and clean the overflow cap in the bathtub. Replace the cap if broken.

WC bowl

Thoroughly clean the WC bowl including the rim. For hygienic reasons, it’s likely best to replace the toilet seat (available in every specialty shop if you bring along a sample template).


Thoroughly clean ventilation grilles or covers, in some cases the cover can be removed.

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